Crucial Consequences of Animal Carnage

Human civilization has evolved for millions of years their daily diet changed over time and region; the change came with a contrary alteration by nature. Animals were always an essential constituent of a continuum of the food chain. They are a vital source of nutrients for humans. Keeping this in view, the carnage of animals is crucial for the balance of the ecosystem.

Consider a thought experiment in which a forest populated by fox and rabbit in a certain distribution. As the number of fox increases over time, the demand for food rises but the supply declines due to a decreasing number of rabbits. It will result in the starving of fox until death. Conversely, if the population of the rabbit rises over time it will damage the plants. It presumes that if any of the constituents amend its number results in the unevenness of the ecosystem.

Around 2 million years ago, climate change made many plants unavailable for approximately a third of the year. The only odds to survive for our forefathers were to eat meat. Some species were not able to adapt their digestive system to such a harsh change in their nourishment and went extinct as a result. Our ancestors swap to a meat-based diet due to the fact, that they had started to eat nuts and seeds even before. The high content of fat prepared in our body for digesting so much meat.

Biologically we need to eat for three reasons: for energy, to obtain materials to fabricate our cells, and to get unique molecules that our bodies cannot produce. Fats, carbohydrates, and proteins are the soul brokers of energy and most of the elements. Proteins are the most important resource for refurbishing and replenishing our cells’ structures. Meat contributes to most of these things. It contains all the vital amino acids our body needs. It also contains most of the crucial vitamins, except vitamin C. Meat, which has also an edge over plants by its high bioavailability. Some constituent in it is broken down faster and available quicker than those of plants.

Meat has saved humans for millions of years. Our early parents adapted to nature and started eating meat. This practice could not be stopped by this time. Animals are the survival of the human race and the ecosystem. Although animal suffering is not a very good thing, it cannot be looked over human necessities. The only thing we can do is to use manners that can minimize animal suffering during slaughter and hunting.